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    Orthodontics from children to adults

    There are two fundamental causes that affect teeth alignment; one is genetic, and the other is environmental. Genetic means a result of our blue print, and environment means that it is guided by oral habits such as mouth breathing rather than nose breathing, finger sucking, and allergenic factors. If you breath through your mouth instead of your nose, teeth are pushed inward and narrowed, so that especially the upper front teeth move forward. If you suck your fingers, you place your palm on your chin, then push your lower jaw backward. It leads to a dislocation of your jaw joint, and it may further lead to a joint disorder.

    Orthodontics are not only for an improvement of teeth alignment, but for an improvement of understanding the reasons. If we don't figure out the reasons, even if teeth alignment is improved, it will go back to the beginning.


    Reaching for non extraction

    Many of us think we need to pull out several teeth to start an orthodontic procedure, don't we? If we don't have to pull out any teeth (except wisdom teeth), don't you think it is best? We always reach for a way of non-extraction. There is a small percentage of patients who cannot avoid it, but in many cases, yes, we can avoid it.

    Orthodontics are not only for children but also for adults. We have various apparatus for a treatment; we could choose it to match your lifestyle. If you have any concerns about orthodontics, please feel free to contact us. A consultation is no charge. Thank you.




    Orthodontics Before and Under Treatment